Value Added Services

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of installed sites nationwide, McRoberts Security Technologies understands that customer support is vital to every customer we serve. Today, the company provides MSTCare, a complete suite of value added services including: installation, implementation, support, maintenance, training and other professional services. McRoberts continues to invest significantly in staff training to provide the highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction. The company also invests in processes and equipment that improves our ability to deliver valued services to its customers that meet or exceed regulatory requirements (FDA, AHA, HIPPA, JCAHO). McRoberts believes this approach is essential to providing quality solutions and customer satisfaction.
The company has extensive experience delivering professional services including: project management, site commissioning, in-service training, and system integration. McRoberts Security Technologies can develop practical, cost-effective business and technology solutions tailored to individual customer.
Wireless identification, protection, and data capture technologies in the healthcare industry have significantly improved the security of patients, personnel, and physical assets. The McRoberts Security Technologies suite of solutions and services provides the customer with a secure/safe environment, and accurate mission critical information for their most valued assets. Our customers benefit from a new level of safety/security, reduced operational costs, improved resource management, and market competitiveness.
The company distributes its solutions through highly qualified, trained, and supported dealers, which are dedicated experts in the healthcare industry. McRoberts Security Technologies is a leader in the healthcare security field and will continue to aggressively pursue opportunities in both traditional and new markets. 

Current solutions incude:

  • MyChild™ Infant Protection System: a proven infant abduction deterrent system that provide scalable protection from basic perimeter protection to our state of the art sensing and tracking system.
  • RoamAlert Plus™: an enhanced protection system for wandering patients that provides a safe and protected environment in assisted living and nursing home facilities.
  • Assetrac™: An equipment and personnel protection, tracking and management system using patented tamper sensing wireless tags. 
  • Access Control: MST offers a complete line of access control solutions that are both scalable as well as cost effective.
  • Video Surveillance:   MST provides customized state of the art integrated video surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate into our access control and patient protection systems.