Infant Security

The MyChild™ Infant Security System provides state of the art RFID protection that modern facilities demand while allowing staff, parents, and other visitors mobility as well as open access to the unit.

McRoberts Security Technologies offers three types of infant tags: our exclusive umbilical tag, a wrist/ankle tag and our skin sensing tag. The umbilical tag is attached to the infant's umbilical cord clamp, deterring potential abductors from removing the tag. The standard wrist/ankle tag is easily applied with a one of a number of tamper resistant bands.  The skin sensing tag is attached to the infant's wrist or ankle and has the unique ability to sense if it has been removed from the infant. Because the MyChild system supports three  types of tags, your facility has the freedom to choose which tag is best for you.

As part of your overall security program, MyChild is an effective deterrent for infant abduction and switching threats. Most importantly, the system allows staff to focus on quality care giving.


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