A Breakthrough Innovation - MyChild® for Wi-Fi


McRoberts Security Technologies, developer of the industry’s first infant security single-use tag, has once again set a new standard in healthcare security by jointly developing the first Wi-Fi-based, campus-wide infant security solution designed to help protect newborns from abduction during their hospital stays.

The launch of this innovative new capability extends and complements the McRoberts healthcare security solutions significantly beyond competitive offerings. The revolutionary MyChild® for Wi-Fi system is unique in its ability to leverage Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and 802.11 Wi-Fi based real time locating (RTLS) technologies to provide hospital staff with the ability to increase patient safety facility-wide.

The greatest benefit of utilizing this next-generation infant security solution is that it works with a hospital’s standard Wi-Fi network to deliver the protection and location of infants anywhere in the hospital. That means that infants are monitored 100 percent of the time and can be quickly located, even during transport, transfer and treatment in ancillary departments. Protected infants continue to be visible to staff and secured by the system at all times.

MyChild® for Wi-Fi is the only system currently available that uses standard Wi-Fi infrastructure for determining location and RFID technology for perimeter security, which significantly reduces the time and cost to implement the solution. This hybrid system takes full advantage of McRoberts’ expertise in providing advanced RFID lockdown security at all exit points while leveraging a hospital’s Wi-Fi network to easily and cost-effectively expand the coverage area without the cost and installation of a facility-wide proprietary RFID network.

MyChild® for Wi-Fi uses a small, lightweight, single-use Wi-Fi tag that allows hospitals to secure their infants with a per-birth subscription at a fraction of the cost of purchasing traditional security tags. McRoberts provides a sterile, eco-friendly security tag for each newborn. The new MyChild software enrolls and deletes the single-use tags automatically, eliminating the need for manual tag management.

MyChild also includes integrated CCTV, an uploaded patient photo feature, and security-by-unit capabilities.  The CCTV option provides a live video feed from cameras that monitor exits supervised by the MyChild system. In the event of an alarm, live video of the area and a photo of the patient appear in a pop-up window. The security-by-unit feature allows users to configure the system so that individual units, such as Mother Baby or Pediatric, see only the patients and alarms that are associated with their areas.